The M1s travelled to Cardiff Uni feeling confident following a good performance in the first game of the season against Ashmoor. At the self proclaimed ‘home of hockey’ we went into battle in the rain. For the first quarter Clifton Robinsons tried out a new way of playing and it completely backfired with holes in the press being exploited quickly and we soon found ourselves 2-0 down and wondering what we were up to. A change from the coach gave us more solidity and we soon regained control of the match. A short corner well executed by Rory Thorburn ignited the spirit in the lads and shortly after this, another piece of Ollie King brilliance in the D and the ball was sailing past the keepers ear and into the roof of the net!

2-2 half time. Belief was the key point from Coach Fraser Henderson and we went into the second half knowing that the result was entirely in our hands.

A breakaway goal from Micah Smithard, deflecting a smart cross from Conor Pinnell into the roof of the net got the 4 travelling fans excited. Finally, a bizarre turn of events led to the 4th and final goal sealing the game. A badly executed short corner bobbled around and fell to Tom Appleby who seemed to be the only one still playing, he took a calm touch and dispatched the ball into the bottom corner to give us total control of the game and Cardiff Uni scrambling to complain to the officials. Nevertheless, the goal was given and Clifton Robinsons secured their second win of the campaign. A huge away result in tough conditions. Match teas and fines were conducted in KFC, a most unlikely of match tea venues! Man of the Match went to Tom Appleby for a top all round performance. The Blue Army marches on…

Jamie Mortimore

Alex Kirkpatrick

Probably on the physio table