On an extremely wet and windy day Clifton Robinsons L2’s travelled to Basingstoke. Having only played once before due to Covid it was likely to be a tightly contested game.

Clifton defended well throughout the first quarter; the teams were well matched and it ended 0-0. Soon into the second quarter, however, Basingstoke made a number of passes around the D leading to a close range shot on target and a 1-0 lead to the opposition.

Clifton fought back hard creating a number of close chances and putting Basingstoke under high levels of pressure. This resilience resulted in a reverse stick cross from half back Lara Bathurst which was sensationally deflected into the top corner by Alice Williams, 1-1.

Following Clifton’s goal a number of chances were created by both sides meaning the game was hotly contested until the end. Tensions were high and with the game being physical throughout both teams gave it their all in the hope of a last chance goal.

Both teams fought off the pressure and the game finished 1-1. A first point on the board for the L2s, with many more to come.

Jade Williams

Alex Kirkpatrick

Probably on the physio table