After a lovely drive to Wales, Robbies took their 100% record to Cardiff Met. They welcomed new players stepping up and old faces returning including Andy Durban Jackson.

After an inspirational team talk from our esteemed leader, where the massive clock had to be pointed out to him, and ignoring shouts from many who could “drag flick” the match begun. Unfortunately we had forgotten to realise this and started off slowly.

With some dubious decision making and a goalk,eeper who got temporarily lost Robbies found themselves 1-0 down. Closely followed by another goal that we won’t say too much about.

Stu Taylor was welcomed back into the fold and made sure everyone knew of his presence, including one of their defenders who he gently assaulted and then was allowed a 2 minute sit down.

Half time 2-0 down.

Words from the captain happened but I was too preoccupied drinking a Red Bull to take anything in. They must have worked as Robbies came out a changed team.

Having remembered how to play hockey, Robbies turned the screw and began applying pressure. Lots of opportunities were created and Robbies had become the team on top.

Short corners were won and chances created. 2-0 with 15 mins to play.

A counter, a goal. Robbies found themselves 3-0 down, clearly things were not going to plan.

Finally Robbies remembered how to score, Chris Smith with a very Chris Smith goal, 2 meters out and we are still deciding whether it’s a deflection or a miss-trap. They all count. 3-1.

Longer, having seen enough decided to make a Captain’s decision and put himself up front and on short corners. It paid off. A solid strike saw Robbies pull another goal back. 3-2.

With Robbies pressing they fell foul of time and ended with a 3-2 loss. First points dropped, lots learned. We move on.

Ed Johnson

Alex Kirkpatrick

Probably on the physio table