The CRHC Ladies’ 2s faced a tough match away against Oxford Hawks 1st XI on Saturday 30th October. Within the first minute of the match, tactical play in the D gave Clifton a penalty corner, but – despite a powerful strike – the 2s were denied an early lead. Action moved quickly to the other end of the pitch with a superb save from Sophie Trigg to keep the score level, but then a converted penalty corner took Oxford 1-0 up. Only a few minutes later, another penalty corner meant that the 2s ended the quarter with a two-goal deficit.

Nonetheless, Clifton did anything but let their heads go down. The second quarter started with strong attacking play from the 2s, including a saved shot on goal and another penalty corner that the Oxford defence kept out. Oxford upped their pressure, but nothing about the 2s was going to make it easy for them. The pressure kept coming, though, and 12 minutes in, another converted penalty corner put the score at 3-0 at half time. To the 2s’ absolute credit that’s exactly the way it stayed for the majority of the second half, with our team showing formidable penalty corner defence, regardless of the configuration Oxford threw at them. A final 15th-minute corner to Oxford finished the match with a 4-0 loss for CRHC L2s – but the girls can be proud of the commitment, grit and determination they demonstrated in the face of a well-oiled, tight performance from the home team.

Judy Barratt

Alex Kirkpatrick

Probably on the physio table