Following on from visiting the delights of Swansea, the 2s were back on the road to Marlborough. Could they follow up the 11-1 thrashing with another victory?

Fun fact of the day – the earliest sign of human habitation is the Marlborough Mound, a 62-foot-high (19 m) prehistoric tumulus in the grounds of Marlborough College where the game was held. No such hills had to be climbed on this fateful day.

Captain Kirk, leading from the front, gave a rousing speech on playing with high intensity and showing a bit of grit. Unfortunately this was completely ignored.

The first half can only be described as chaos, the main highlight being Hugh (standing on the halfway line) passing the ball off our baseline, but fortunately when needed Kirky kept his cool and roofed a flick. Tony, on his 2s debut this year, converted from a scrappy short corner. The boys went in 2-0 up at halftime.

Following a telling off from the captain Robbies decided to start playing some hockey. The goals started to come, great team pressure lead to Hugh winning the ball high up which ended with Ben scoring! Two further own goals from the oppo led to a 5-0 lead. The highlight of the game came towards the end as Shaun decided to try and barge through an opposition player but came off second best. The umpire saw this and decided to give the Marlborough player a yellow card. Russ tried his best to convince the umpire Shaun was just an idiot and fell over himself but his mind could not be changed.

Full Time Result: 5-0 – special mention to Sully for a clean sheet and wiping out an oppo player.
MoM: Shaun
DoD: Tidy for claiming two own goals as his own

Chris Tidy

Alex Kirkpatrick

Probably on the physio table