Despite the strong winds, the Clifton Robinsons Ladies’ 1s were excited to play Beeston at Coombe Dingle with a big and supportive crowd on Saturday.

The game kicked off and the home side started fast, with a lot of possession and a lot of circle entries, putting Beeston under pressure. After the first quarter the score remained 0-0, but shortly into the second, Clifton’s Phoebe Richards scored at the far post, at the end of a ball in from Alice Williams. Shortly after this Clifton converted once more with a hit into the bottom left corner of the goal from Catherine Macaulay after a quick breakaway.

The home side kept momentum through until the second half despite Beeston scoring very late into the first half. Beeston did not give up, and managed to score two more goals in the third quarter, meaning the score was now 3-2 to the visitors.

Both sides tried for another goal, but despite some good chances, neither team was able to convert another and the final score was 3-2 to Beeston.

Kitty Chapple

Alex Kirkpatrick

Probably on the physio table