Swashbuckling Robbies put Marlborough to the Sword

A Robbies side on its way back to full strength welcomed the true ‘Green Army’ to Stade du Badminton on Saturday, warned by coach Plim that their dogged displays since the turn of the year would see us do well to improve on our 5-0 victory earlier in the season. An intense warm up, won by Tony Johnston, showed the assembled crowd that we were going to mean the business.

Sure enough, the first pass after push back didn’t sail off the sideline, an improvement on the previous week, and the boys in blue put the opposition D under siege. It wasn’t long before their defenses were breached and Jake Rowe opened the scoring with an overhead smash with more semblance of Andy Roddick than Jamie Dwyer, and British Airways Flight 131 departed.

Intricate passing moves became the theme of the day, as Clifton Robinsons continued to scythe through the opposition press as if it were the Gungan Army of Naboo, or the Leeds United of late. Long balls from Scott Davidson, deputising for 1s turncoat and Mercedes driver Pete Sekula, were effective as were the enterprising drives of Ben Medland and Will Moss at half back down the baseline. There really was no part of the opposition D which remained untouched.

Familiar goalscorers including Tom Jarvie and Tony Johnston added to their tallies for season, while Jules Innis proved our corner practice had not been in vain, slotting one past the ‘keeper’s ear once the correct postcode was found. More promising were the newer faces to the team making significant contributions. Returnee James Fry shuttled industriously up and down the pitch, ensuring he got his money’s worth for the expensive Uber fare to the game, while junior Will, making his 2s debut, threw himself about in the D creating chances and getting plenty of shots on goal proving that juniors do listen to what we tell them. Andy D’Urban Jackson, after ringing to ensure me he did not want to play up front, showed all the nouse of prime Mark Viduka to grab a brace on his 2nd 2s appearance of the year, albeit from a ‘reassuring’ midfield position. Even Ben O’Sullivan stood firmly in his goal when called upon on the break. To their credit, Marlborough played the game in a brilliant and friendly manner despite the scoreline and were pleasant company in the bar afterwards, with players of Welsh origin suspiciously absent.

The only blemish on a fantastic day at the office sadly came from myself. Clearly influenced by the regular ‘Jackie Weaver’ calls at training, I lost all authority of my bench and supporters earning myself 2 green cards in the process. I am deeply ashamed and promise the fans in future I will learn from this mistake and instead copy professional sports people by hiring a PR firm to do my communications for me.

Nevertheless, after Jake Rowe slotted 2 late goals to give a comprehensive 9-0 victory, I am one happy captain. A welcome boost to our goal difference could be crucial come the end of the season, and a clean sheet is never to be sniffed at. We march on together to Gloucester next week with a couple of exciting players returning from injury, knowing opposition defences are sleeping with one eye, and the curtains, open.

Alex Kirkpatrick

Alex Kirkpatrick

Probably on the physio table