Following the Merger of Clifton Ladies HC and Robinsons HC, we have now aligned Adult Men’s & Ladies and Minis Subscriptions and Match Fees.  This is reviewed annually and amendments issued and approved at the AGM.

Please note, these Fees include Training costs during the regular season, so there is no additional payment required, and the additional Training for 1’s & 2’s players is reflected within costs. (This does not include Indoor Hockey)

For the 2021 – 2022 season, the fees are as follows:

* Anyone playing in a 1s or 2s match will pay £12.50.

Age is calculated in line with The England Hockey Age Groups (01/09/2021)

Collection of Fees will be made by a Monthly Invoicing & Direct Debit System through ClubBuzz – this saves the need to pay on Match Day, also reducing the pressure & tasks on Captains after games.