On a beautiful day at Clifton College, UoB were CRHC W1s opponents in the EHPL. The University narrowly defeated the W1s last year with two late goals for 2-1, so Robbies were looking to avenge the victory and remain top of the league. Thus far, 7 points from 3 games with an opening day win V Isca, a home draw with Wimbledon and an impressive 3-1 away win at Beeston. However, UoB had another viewpoint when they took an early lead in the second minute when Coca Hall neeted from close range. The goal took Clifton from their game plan and a frenetic and scrappy first quarter had the score remaining 1-0 to UoB. Clifton gradually got into their stride and possession game before teenage sensation Evie Grindall neeted on the reverse after 26 minutes. Clifton started to dominate more possession against a hrad working and determined UoB and in the thrid quarter SJT scored her third goal in 4 games after great work from Ellie Laity. The three points looked secure until the last play of the game! A defensive overhead was brought down by UoB – ‘foot’ cried the Clifton players to no avail. The resulting attack culminated with a PC for UoB in overtime. With the last play of the game Carter Ayers from the UsA, and in front of her watching parents, hit a hard shot that was unluckily deflected into the roof of the net, giving Aline De Visser and the defence no chance. 2-2 in the last minute meant joy for UoB and defaltion for CRHC. Still, 8 points from 4 games, undefeated so far and still 3rd in the league is still a good position going into Week 5 away at EG. Whether it was two points lost or a point gained will be seen as the fight for a top 6 place continues in the first half of the season.

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