CRHC went to Hampstead after a good performance at Surbiton against the best team in the country. Clifton knew that only a in or draw with the extra point gave them a chance of qualifying for the Play Off Finals. The match was delayed by 20 minutes following an injury in the previous game but started in bright sunshine. Ciftin started brightly, putting HW under pressure and looking the better team. Clifton unluckily went behind after a scrppy goal and a deflection off Emily Drysdale’s chest, following a save by Aline de Visser. 2-0 at the end of the first quarter was nota true reflection of the performance given by Clifton. After 38 minutes Clifton were back in the game with goal from a PC by Eloise Laity –  game on! Clifton failed to build on some third quarter domination and another PC goal by HW after 44′, a further 51′ field goal and 69′ minute PC gave HW a commanding win by 5-1.

HW goals:

Sarah Robertson

Olivia Hamilton

Madi Ratcliffe 2

Pippa Lewis

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