The Ladies’ 2s are still searching for their first win following a tightly contested match vs Bath Buccs on Saturday 6th November. A strike from Bath in the first 4 minutes went wide, as our defence responded robustly to continued pressure. Counterattack came hard and fast from Clifton, giving us a penalty corner in the 11th minute, but the Buccs defence denied us a conversion.

An evenly matched second quarter saw both teams keep the ball in midfield, defence on both sides refusing to let anyone break through. Then, shortly before halfway through Q3, Buccs took their chance – going 0–1 up at about 7 minutes in. They retained their pressure at the start of Q4 with another goal. But at 0–2 down, Clifton didn’t give up and only a few minutes later a phenomenal cross from Zoe Leach, clinically put away by Carla Dunnett, put Clifton back in the running. The score was 1–2 with still 12 minutes to play.

Despite pressure from both sides, there were to be no more goals and the match concluded at 1–2 to the visitors. The 2s meet bottom of the table Bristol University this weekend, with both sides looking for their first win of the season.

Judy Barratt

Alex Kirkpatrick

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